Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As a successor to Realms of Arkania trilogy, Armalion was a fantasy RPG with a new twist back in 2001. With a clear focus on entertainment value instead of character stats the game mixes the best of role-playing experience with strategy and action game play. In-depth charater creation showed the attention to detail, while an easy-to-use interface took all the pain of boring stats away. The real-time mode of the game could have been interrupted at any time.
During the game the player could even command small warbands of up to 40 warriors to fight for his goals. Choose from 12 playable characters, encounter tons of quests, detailed landscapes and beautiful 3-Dimensional characters. Play over a LAN or WAN co-operatively with some friends or melee with up to 40 characters. The game was developed by Ikarion but they couldn't find a publisher so the whole thing gone bye bye... :(

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Baran said...

Nice blog, so I´m hoping for more titles. Maybe it`s an interesting fact to know that the technic of "Armalion" was used in the following games "Sacred" and "Divine Divinity" and "Beyond Diviniy".